One church, three locations, four chapels...

The Hiroshima Evangelical Free Church consists of four fellowships that meet in three different locations through Hiroshima City.  See the links for more detailed information.  You can also see the Japanese website here

Please note, Sunday worship at all three chapels is held in JapaneseTranslation is not provided at this time.

The Asaminami Bilingual Chapel has worship service every Saturday at 4PM.  Services will be held in English with Japanese translation.  Please see the Bilingual Service tab for more information. 

History of Hiroshima Evangelical Free Church

In July 1986, the  Evangelical Free Church Council of Japan sent missionary Makio Haitaka to the Asakita Ward of Hiroshima to start Koyo Chapel.  Three years later Pastor Haitaka became the leader of the Hiroshima Evangelical Free Church which was recognized as an independent and autonomous church. 

In May 1999 HEFC welcomed Pastor KitanoA year later Kabe Green Hill Chapel was planted in Kabe City led by Pastor Kitano and 11 other members of the Koyo Chapel congregation. 

In December 2007, Scott and Susan Murray and their family came to start a missionary team in partnership with the HEFC

In 2010, we welcomed more members: Yoshiteru Yamada to lead a church in the Asaminami Ward and the Oh family to join the missionary team. Jessica Lee also joined the missionary team in the summer of 2011.

Asaminami Chapel's first official service was Easter of 2012 and the bilingual chapel ABC was started fall of 2013

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